Cognitive Science is the scientific study of mind and intelligence, embracing philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, linguistics, anthropology and biology. The Institute for Artificial Intelligence helped found the undergraduate major in Cognitive Science and has coordinated that major since 1999. This is the only Cognitive Science program in the University System of Georgia.

The AB in Cognitive Science is a demanding interdisciplinary program. In the major-related core, students take lower-level classes in computer science, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, and statistics. At the upper-division level, all majors take Introduction to Cognitive Science (ARTI/PHIL/PSYC 3550), Cognitive Psychology (PSYC 4100) and choose between either Artificial Intelligence (CSCI/PHIL 4550) or Generative Syntax (ENGL/LING 3150).

After being exposed to a wide range of interdisciplinary classes, students then focus on two (or more) of four areas of concentration:

  • Artificial Intelligence Foundations; 
  • Philosophical Foundations; 
  • Psychological Foundations;
  • Language and Culture (Linguistics and Anthropology).

Majors must take five classes across these subject areas, with at least two classes in two different areas.

Specific course requirements for the major, as well as other useful information, can be found on the following pages.

Minor in Cognitive Science

In addition to the major, a 15-18 credit hour Minor in Cognitive Science is also offered.