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MS in Artificial Intelligence

The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (MSAI) degree program is offered by the interdisciplinary Institute for Artificial Intelligence. No specific undergraduate major is required for admission, but admission is competitive. We are looking for students with a strong preparation in one or more relevant background areas (psychology, philosophy, linguistics, computer science, logic, engineering, or the like), a demonstrated ability to handle all types of academic work (from humanities to mathematics), and an excellent command of written and spoken English.

Double Dawgs: The MSAI is also part of two combined undergraduate/graduate (Double Dawgs) programs.

In these programs, students are allowed to use up to 12 graduate credit hours towards both degrees. Further information on the dual degree programs can be found here.


To apply to the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence, you must apply online through the UGA Graduate School web page. There is an application fee, which must be paid at the time the application is submitted.

There are several items which must be included in the application:

  • Standardized test scores, including the GRE. 
  • 3 letters of recommendation, preferably from university faculty and/or professional supervisors. We encourage you to submit the letters to the graduate school online as you complete the application process.
  • A sample of scholarly writing, in English. This can be anything you've written but should give an accurate indication of your writing abilities. The writing sample can be a term paper, research report, journal article, published paper, college paper, etc.
  • A completed Application for Graduate Assistantship, if you are interested in receiving funding. 
  • a Statement of Purpose; and
  • a Resume or Curriculum Vitae.

FAQ: Further information on program admissions is found in the MSAI Admissions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

International Students: It is recommended that International Students also review materials available on the Information for International Students page.

Graduate School Policies

University of Georgia Graduate School policies and requirements apply in addition to (and, in cases of conflict, take precedence over) those described here. It is essential that graduate students familiarize themselves with Graduate School policies, including minimum and continuous enrollment and other policies contained in the Graduate School Bulletin.

Students should also familiarize themselves with Graduate School Dates and Deadlines relevant to the degree.

Degree Requirements

For the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence, students must complete a minimum of 30 hours of graduate coursework (their Program of Study), pass an oral comprehensive exam, and write and defend a research thesis. In addition to these 30 hours, the University requires that all first-year graduate students enroll in a 1-credit-hour GradFirst seminar. Each of these requirements is described in greater detail below. 

The degree program is in-person, and classes are in general scheduled for full-time students. There are currently no special provisions for part-time, online, or off-campus students. Students are expected to attend all meetings of classes for which they are registered.

Program of Study

The Program of Study must include a minimum of 30 hours of graduate course work including 3 hours of Master’s thesis (ARTI 7300). Of the 30 hours of course work, at least 12 hours (excluding ARTI 7300 and ARTI 7000) must consist of courses open only to graduate students.

Required Courses (11 Hours)

The following courses must be included on the Program of Study unless specifically waived for a particular student by that student's Advisory Committee and by the Graduate Coordinator:

Select Courses (8 + 6 Hours)

At least 14 hours taken from the following groups must appear on the Program of Study. Of the 14 hours, 8 must come from Group A and 6 must come from Group B.

  • CSCI 6330 AI and the Web (4 hours)
  • CSCI 6360 Data Science II (4 hours)
  • CSCI/ARTI 6530 Introduction to Robotics (4 hours)
  • CSCI/ARTI 6540 Symbolic Programming (3 hours)
  • CSCI 6560 Evolutionary Computing (4 hours)
  • CSCI/ARTI 6600 Reinforcement Learning (3 hours)
  • CSCI 6800 Human Computer Interaction (4 hours)
  • CSCI 8050 Knowledge Based Systems (4 hours)
  • CSCI 8265 Trustworthy Machine Learning (4 hours)
  • CSCI 8360 Data Science Practicum (4 hours)
  • CSCI 8380 Advanced Topics in Information Systems (4 hours)
  • CSCI 8535 Multi Robot Systems (4 hours)
  • CSCI/PHIL 8650 Logic and Logic Programming (4 hours)
  • CSCI 8820 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (4 hours)
  • CSCI 8860 Biomedical Informatics (4 hours)
  • CSCI 8920 Decision Making Under Uncertainty (4 hours)
  • CSCI/ENGR 8940 Computational Intelligence (4 hours)
  • CSCI 8945 Advanced Representation Learning (4 hours)
  • CSCI/ARTI 8950 Machine Learning (4 hours)
  • CSCI 8955 Advanced Data Analytics (4 hours)
  • CSCI 8960 Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis (4 hours)
  • ENGL 6885 Introduction to Humanities Computing (3 hours)
  • FORS 8450 Advanced Forest Planning and Harvest Scheduling (3 hours)
  • GEOG 6591 Introduction to Geospatial Artificial Intelligence (3 hours)
  • GEOG 6592 Advanced Geospatial Artificial Intelligence (3 hours)
  • GEOG 6593 Geospatial Semantics and Geo-Text Mining (3 hours)
  • GEOG 8350 Machine Learning with Geospatial Big Data (3 hours)
  • LING 6570 Natural Language Processing (3 hours)
  • MIST 7730 Business Intelligence Systems (3 hours)
  • MIST 7770 Business Intelligence (3 hours)
  • STAT 8470 Network Data Analysis and Graphical Models (3 hours)

Students may under special circumstances use up to 4 hours from the following list to apply towards the SELECT group requirement. 

  • ARTI 8800 Directed Readings in Artificial Intelligence
  • ARTI 8000 Topics in Artificial Intelligence

Other courses may be substituted for those on the SELECT list, provided the subject matter of the course is related to AI and consistent with the objectives of the MS degree program. Substitutions can be made only with the permission of the student's advisory committee and the Graduate Coordinator. Students attempting a substitution without prior permission run the risk of having to fulfill the normal requirements regardless of their graduation, employment, or other degree program status. Substitutions are reserved for only the most special of cases.

Thesis and Research Hours (3 + 2 Hours)

At least 3 hours of ARTI 7300 must appear on the Program of Study. To reach 30 hours, up to 2 hours of ARTI 7000 (Master's Research) may be used. Additional hours from SELECT list courses may also be used. Regardless, the Program of Study must include at least 30 hours of graduate coursework.

Comprehensive Oral Examination

Every MSAI student must pass a comprehensive oral examination on their Program of Study before defending their thesis. The comprehensive examination is open to the University community. Students will answer questions from both their advisory committee and the audience. Each committee member votes to pass or fail the student, and at least two passing votes are required for final approval.


In addition to the course work and comprehensive examination, every student must conduct research in artificial intelligence under the direction of a faculty advisor and advisory committee and report the results of his or her research in a thesis acceptable to the Graduate School. The advisory committee votes to pass or fail both the written thesis and a separate defense of the thesis. 

The IAI accepts either the manuscript style thesis or the regular research style thesis. With the manuscript style thesis there is a requirement of (at least) two publications in a national level conference or journal. IC-AI, FLAIRS, and IEA-AIE are national level conferences, SE-ACM or IEEE Southeast are not.


In addition to the specific MSAI program requirements, all first-year UGA graduate students must enroll in a 1 credit-hour GRSC 7001 (GradFIRST) seminar which provides foundational training in research, scholarship, and professional development. Students may enroll in a section offered by any department, but it is recommended that they enroll in a section offered by AI Faculty Fellows for MSAI students. More information is available at the Graduate School website.

Student Handbook

Additional information on degree requirements and AI Institute policies can be found in the AI Student Handbook.

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