English Assistance

In order to write a successful thesis and function well in subsequent employment, all AI students need to fill any remaining gaps in their knowledge of the English language. This includes mechanical matters (spelling, punctuation, etc.) as well as the art of communicating clearly. In the workplace, you will be competing with good writers. You need to be one yourself.

Free help

The Writing Center in the English Department offers free one-on-one assistance to any student (or even faculty member) who needs help writing a term paper or thesis. Our Writing Center is nationally recognized as unusually good; many of its staff are familiar with technical and industrial writing, not just literature. Please take advantage of its services. It's in Park Hall and can be contacted through the English Department. The Writing Center is also an excellent source of advice about courses to take. They have up-to-date information that advisors in other departments do not have.


If you need more training in order to write a clear, readable thesis in correct English, please take a suitable English course. Taking an English course is not a waste of time - getting stuck when trying to write a thesis is a waste of time! The following courses been recommended to me as particularly suitable. Graduate students can register for them in the normal way, but they cannot be used on a graduate program of study.

For native speakers of English:

ENGL 3590, Technical Writing (ordinary section) - a good course in scientific and technical writing; exactly what you need to prepare you for the thesis and the working world. RECOMMENDED.

For non-native speakers of English:

English language courses

ELAN 7768, International Graduate Internship. (Can be taken more than once.) For students with a score < 45 on the TSE or SPEAK test; RECOMMENDED for anyone who is having trouble with English.

Focuses on improving the intelligibility of international TAs' oral English. Students practice pronunciation, intonation, voice projection, and other mechanics of producing comprehensible English, using subject matter in their intended teaching fields.

ELAN 7768 is required of international teaching and laboratory assistants who have never before taken the SPEAK (or TSE) exam, or who have scored below 45 on the SPEAK. It is recommended for all international graduate students who lack confidence in their ability to be understood in spoken English.

ELAN 7769, International Graduate Internship. (Can be taken more than once.) For students with a score between 45 and 50 on the TSE or SPEAK test. A more advanced version of ELAN 7768. Students practice various types of presentations, practice responding to questions, and analyze effective teaching styles. Students also learn, for example, guidelines for formulating and explaining a syllabus, how to integrate visuals into a lecture, and how to encourage class discussion.

GRSC 7770, Graduate School Teaching Internship (International Section). (Can be taken more than once.) Be sure to take an international section if English is not your native language. This course focuses on classroom teaching skills. If you do not have a score of 50 on the SPEAK or TSE test, you must take ELAN 7768 and/or 7769 first.

For more information about the SPEAK test and the courses for international graduate assistants, see here .

Writing courses

ACAE 0098, Basic Composition for Multilingual Writers - for those who have substantial problems writing in English; intended for undergraduates, but sometimes taken by science graduate students.

ENGL 1101, English Composition (ESL section) - for those who particularly need help with organization and clarity. Be sure to get an ESL section, not a native-speaker section.

ENGL 3590, Technical Writing (ESL section) (not always available) - for non-native speakers whose English is relatively good but who need to develop their writing skills. RECOMMENDED.

Likewise, for a small fee, you can sometimes take a course in accent reduction or technical writing at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education.