How to Apply to the IAI Program

In order to apply to the graduate program in AI, you must apply to the Graduate School at UGA. You may apply online via the Graduate School web page. Please view the Graduate School Application Check List to ensure that you send all required documents to the Graduate School. There is an application fee, which must be paid at the time the application is submitted.


There are also several required items that need to be sent directly to the Institute for Artificial Intelligence. You can send these items to the attention of Dr. Khaled Rasheed, the Institute's Graduate Coordinator.

  • 3 letters of recommendation, preferably from university faculty and/or professional supervisors. If the letters have been submitted to the graduate school online, then they do not need to be sent to the Institute separately.

  • A sample of scholarly writing, in English. This can be anything you've written but should give an accurate indication of your writing abilities. The writing sample can be a term paper, research report, journal article, published paper, college paper, etc.

  • A completed Application for Graduate Assistantship, if you are interested in receiving funding. You may fill out and print a copy of this application here.

There are additional items that are not required but that you may wish to include. These optional items are:

  • a Statement of Purpose; and

  • a Resume or Curriculum Vitae.